Steve Brower has been teaching drivers education for 46 years, first in South Bend before then moving to Hillsdale. Now a retired high school teacher of 35 years, he has devoted his time to showing students the ways of the road.

Segments and Pricing

Classes are limited to 36 students.
You MUST be 14 years and 8 months old by the 1st scheduled class date.

Segment 1
Fee: $285.00 (will match competitors price if lower)
12-2 hour classes (schedule made at first class)
6-1 hour drives
4 hours of observing
Materials to attend Segment One Class include:

Birth Certificate
Fee`  MASK

Parent Meeting at First Class if you can attend

Segment 2
3-2 hour classes
Materials to attend Segment Two Class include::
Level One License

To view when Segments will be taking place you can contact Steve Brower or check out the Classes page. To register for a class date be sure to fill out the form under registration. Or text Coach B at 517-425-2614

Coach B’s Driving School will work with and around student’s activities when making their class schedules¬† IF POSSIBLE.
Students will set up their schedules at the 1st class.