License System

Graduated License System

State Driving Program

Known as the Driver Education Provider and Instructor Act was signed into law effective October 1, 2006. The goal was to eliminate overlap in statutory requirements, create a level playing field for Michigan’s driver education program, achieve consistency in program objectives, strengthen and improve curriculum, and establish appropriate requirements and qualifications for driver education providers and instructors.

Segment 1

  • Must be at least 14 years 8 months
  • Parent/guardian permission


  • May drive only with driver education instructor unless school issued limited parent driving permit

Level 1 Learner’s License

  • Must have a Certificate of Completion for Segment 1
  • Must have a certified copy of birth certificate
  • Parent/guardian or designated adult must sit in front seat
  • Pass vision screening required by Secretary of State


  • Obtain Level 1 License at a Secretary of State branch office
  • May only drive with licensed parent/guardian or designated adult age 21 or older
  • Parent/guardian or designated adult must sit in front seat
  • If driving with a designated adult, driver should carry a signed letter or authorization from parent/guardian

Segment 2

  • 30 hours minimum of supervised driving time including a minimum or two hours night driving
  • 90 days since completing Segment 1

Minimum Course Content

  • 6 hours of classroom driver education instruction

Road Skills Testing

  • Complete Segment 2 of the drivers education course
  • Completed a minimum 50 hours of supervised driving, which includes a minimum of 10 hours of night driving
  • Has had a level 1 license for a minimum of 180 days

Level 2 License

  • Teen is at least 16 years old
  • Meet physical and medical licensing standards
  • Possessed a Level 1 License for 180 days
  • Completed Segment 1 and 2 of an approved drivers education program
  • Passed a road test and present a skills test certificate
  • Completed a minimum of 50 hours of supervised driving time, including 10 hours at night
  • Must be violation and suspension free, and have no at-fault crashes during the 90 day prior to applying for Level 2 License
  • Have a parent or legal guardian sign the application and certify the minimum 50 hours of behind-the-wheel driving experience


  • Obtain Level 2 License at a Secretary of State branch office ( a fee is required)


  • Between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m., teen must drive with a licensed adult over age 21 unless driving to and from employment. Limited number of passengers allowed.

Parent Options

  • Parent/guardian has the option to request in writing that the teen driver remains at Level 2 and not automatically advance to Level 3 at age 17. Request must be made at least 30 days before teen’s 17th birthday

Level 3 License

  • Teen is at least 17 years old
  • Held Level 2 License for 180 days
  • Must be violation and suspension free, and have no at-fault crashes for 12 consecutive months prior to applying for the Level 3 License


  • With parent/guardian approval at Level 2, the Level 3 License is automatically mailed to teen
  • If approval was not given, parent/guardian and teen must go to a Secretary of State branch office


  • No fee is required
  • No state-imposed license restrictions
  • Parent or guardian may restrict or cancel the license